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How Henna Works

henna tattoo hand design application paste on

Henna applied to skin ~ be still and allow 10-20 minutes to dry. Keep on your skin 4-12 hours. The longer the better.

henna tattoo hand stain after 8 hours

Henna paste removal after 8-12 hours. The henna stain will be a bright orange color during the first 2-24 hours.

henna tattoo hand stain results 48 hours

Your Henna Tattoo will develop into a reddish / brown color 2-3 days after application.

henna stain darkest on fingers tattoo

Your henna tattoo will last 1-4 weeks, depending placement and how well you take care of it.

Henna Tattoo Aftercare Complete Instructions

~ Be still, allow 15-20 minutes for your henna to dry

~ Apply lemon/sugar aftercare, provided by the artist, to seal the henna paste onto the skin

~ Keep the henna on your skin for 4-12 hours. The longer the paste remains on the skin, the darker and deeper the henna will stain. The henna stain will develop over the next 12-48 hours

~ It is important to protect your henna tattoo from water for first 24 hours. Do not use water remove henna paste. Use olive oil, or other natural oil to rinse off excess paste, if necessary. When showering within 24 hours after receiving henna, apply olive oil, or other all natural oil, to protect the henna stain while it is still developing

~ A henna tattoo will last 1 to 4 weeks, depending on placement and how well you take of it

~ Apply natural oils (like olive, sesame seed, coconut oil) to the henna stain to maintain and moisturize the skin area throughout the life of the stain. The exfoliation of your skin is what causes the henna stain to fade away.

~ Swimming in the ocean, soaking in hot tubs, using a loofa or shaving the skin area will cause the henna stain to deteriorate more quickly.

Prepare for your Henna Appointment

Great henna tips for brides & private appointments!

If you are receiving henna or mehndi for a special day, like your wedding, or simply wanting to achieve the best henna stain possible, make sure you plan ahead, and follow these tips to prepare for your appointment:

~ Manicures and Pedicures should be done BEFORE your henna appointment! Exposure to water, massage, and chemicals can damage a fresh henna stain.

~ Shower and exfoliate your skin before your appointment. Applying henna to a fresh layer of skin will help it to last longer. Also the longer you can go without exposing the henna stain to water, the better the henna will stain.

~ Do not apply moisturizers, oils, tanning sprays or anything that will block your pores the day of the appointment. Applying things like this to your skin can block the henna from staining as expected.

~ Henna stains best when your body temperature is warm. Make sure you are in a warm environment after receiving your henna design. Walking around outdoors on a cold foggy day in San Francisco may cause your henna to not stain very well!