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$75 / 30 munutes - Tea House Location Only

$100 / 1 hour - Tea House Location Only

$115 / 1 hour - In-Home Appointment

$165 / 1.5 hours - In-Home Appointment

$215 / 2 hours - In-Home Appointment

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Healing Henna by Robyn Jean is available for private individual and small group henna appointments Monday through Thursday with occasional availablilty on weekends. It is best to book at least 3 days to 1 week in advance.

In-Home Appointments are best for most clients. Relax and let the artist come to you for larger amounts of work, hands & feet, pregnant belly henna or full body designs. It is ideal to not have to travel after receiving henna, this can cause the paste to flake off too soon. How Henna Works & Aftercare >

We can meet at a Tea House location in Berkeley or San Francisco, depending on what is best for our schedules. Best for hands only, arm/shoulder designs that only take 30 minutes to apply.

*Private appointment rates are for individuals or small groups of 2-3 people. Please see Henna Party Special Occasions for larger group rates.

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Great excuses to treat yourself with henna:

  • Just because you want it ;)
  • Mother ~ Daughter Henna
  • Pregnant Belly Henna
  • Henna for Healing
  • Henna Crowns
  • Be adorned for your next Vacation, Festival or Burning Man
  • Henna to mark your Holy Day: Diwali, Eid, Ramadan, Purim, and so many more
  • Its your Birthday!
  • Test out your permanent tattoo idea