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Now Booking! Get your Henna or Jagua All-Natural Temporary Tatoo for Burning Man in the San Francsico Bay Area!

henna booth space urban air market san francisco may 4th

Look for my Healing Henna & Face Painting Booth Space at upcoming public events this year! Fun events for the whole family!

Visit Healing Henna Booth Spaces at the Urban Air Market in San Francisco August 17th!

Healing Henna by Robyn Jean offers beautifully unique and traditional all-natural henna body art and tattoos to the San Francisco Bay Area. Specialties include Pregnant Belly Blessings, Bridal Mehndi, Henna for Healing, Henna Parties for all ages , Private Henna Appointments and Henna for Large Scale Events ~ Test out your next tattoo idea with temporary all-natural henna, or be adorned before your next festival! Book a private or group henna appointment now ~

Be prepared for your upcoming henna appointment or party ~ Read about henna aftercare, henna appointment preparation tips and how to make your henna stain last a long time

Henna is safe and all-natural, and will stain your skin a red/brown color for 1-4 weeks. Read about how henna works. If you are looking for a "real ink tattoo" look, Jagua is the perfect all-natural alternative to henna! Robyn Jean also offers Jagua, blue-black all-natural temporary tattoos

Gong Fu Tea & Tarot Readers

Book a Gong Fu Tea Ceremony for your henna party, or Tarot & Palm Readers for your next special event! Robyn Jean coordinates multiple services for special events in the San Francisco Bay Area

Face Painting & Glitter Tattoos

Glitter tattoos are water-proof, dry instantly, and will last up to a week! Face Painting and glitter tattoos are perfect additions for kids at your party! Book professional face painters in the San Francisco Bay Area

Jagua the blue/black henna alternative

Jagua all-natural blue - black tattoos. Jagua is the perfect alternative to red all-natural henna when you want a "real ink tattoo" look. Compare the differences and similarities between henna & jagua