Natural Henna Artist & Face Painter ~ San Francisco Bay Area ~ Pregnant Belly Blessings, Bridal Mehndi, Henna Parties for all ages!

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Henna & Face Painting ~ San Francisco Bay Area

Now Booking Appointments for Bridal Mehndi, Prenatal Henna, Festival Tattoo appointments, Face Painting for kids, Henna for parties and so much more ~
All Natural Henna & Jagua Available

Healing Henna by Robyn Jean offers beautifully unique and traditional all-natural henna body art and tattoos to the San Francisco Bay Area. Specialties include Pregnant Belly Blessings, Bridal Mehndi, Henna for Healing, Henna Parties for All Ages , Private Henna Appointments, Face Painting & Glitter Tattoos, Jagua Allnatural Tattoos.

Multiple henna artists available for large scale events!

Test out your next tattoo idea with temporary all-natural henna, or be adorned with henna before your next festival! Book a private or group henna appointment now ~

Be prepared for your upcoming henna appointment or party ~ How henna works, henna aftercare, henna appointment preparation tips.

Bridal Mehndi & The Night of Henna

Traditional Indian, Arabic, Moroccan North African Bridal Mehndi. Contemporary & Fusion Henna Styles. Now booking Bridal Mehndi & Sangeets for 2016

Face Painting, Glamour Tattoos & "White Henna"

Glamour Tattoos & "White Henna" are water-proof tmeporary tattoos, dry in 5 minutes, can last up to 7 days or be removed the same day! Perfect addition to your henna party.

Jagua the blue/black henna alternative

Jagua all-natural blue - black tattoos. Jagua is the perfect alternative to red all-natural henna when you want a "real ink tattoo" look. Compare the differences and similarities between henna & jagua